Plato Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Plato Login:

Follow this step-by-step Login Instructions for Plato

1. The first step of the Plato Login process is to enter the correct URL of Plato in the Internet Explorer bar (this browser is preferred). Follow this link for a direct access:

2. After finding the log in area, you may now enter your Account Login in the specific textbox provided for it.

3. Next, just enter your Account Name below the Account Login textbox.

4. The fourth step is to enter your password on the final log in credential area.

5. Finally, you can click the "Login" button placed just below the password textbox.



Reset your account credentials by following this guide:

1. Do the first step indicated in the Login guide (go to the Plato's Log in page).

2. Simply click the "Forgot your password" link to be redirected to another page:

3. To reset your account credentials, you will need to verify your identity by entering your Account Login and Plato Name in their corresponding areas.

4.You will need to click the "Continue" button to proceed.

Here are some pointers provided by Plato to avoid log in errors:

Make sure you are entering the correct URL and in the Internet Explorer address bar and not a Google or Yahoo search bar. It is not necessary to enter http:// before the URL's listed above. To check that you are visiting the correct site, you may click the appropriate product link above to visit the login page.

Verify you are entering the correct Account Login, Account Number, or Client ID. These are not case sensitive and are usually all numbers (ex. 51234), or a combination of letters and numbers (ex. psd01, plto001) ranging in length.

Check the spelling and any extra spaces or characters in your PLATO Name or User ID. These are not case sensitive and are often part of your name or Student Identification System (SIS) number. If you are unable to login or do not know your PLATO Name or User ID, please contact your Instructor or Administrator. PLATO Support is unable to create or update a login for you. Your Instructor or school is responsible for adding or modifying login credentials.

Passwords are case sensitive. Verify you're typing the password correctly by typing it in another application.


Contact Details:

If you are still unable to access your account despite the pointers given in this site, you may contact Pluto directly using the information provided below:

Plato Contact Page:


Do not forget to bookmark this page and check back later for any updates or changes made on the above login processes as we are trying to provide the most up to date information regarding Plato Login process.